why you need to have a Water Dispenser in your office?
Why you need to have a Water Dispenser in your office?30.11.2017 You can choose from different models: We all know how important it’s to maintain optimal hydration. Many studies over the years have shown how dehydration affects our mental performance. more
Top hard water fact uk
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hard Water31.8.2017 Some need-to-know facts about Hard Water: Most of the nation lives with hard water and suffers its effects daily, but there is still a surprising number of us who aren’t fully clued up more
Hydration for your skin with BWT
Get Soft Summer Skin!8.6.2017 Enjoy the skin you're in!:     As the weather heats up its important to remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated. However, it’s not just your insides that get dehydrated, more
Hydration made easy with BWT
Stay Hydrated at Work27.5.2017 BWT the key to hydration: To prevent dehydration the body needs an average of 2 to 3 litres of water a day and on warmer days even more. Dehydration can cause headaches more
tasty Magnesium Mineralized Water Coffee
Coffee Beans12.5.2017 Magnesium Mineralized Water for a full flavoured cup.: We work with over 5000 High Street locations to make sure that their water perfectly complements their coffee and along the way we’ve learnt a few more
The Advantages of Softened Water1.5.2017 Find out about the benefits of softened water for you, your family and your home.: We’re sure you’ve heard that there are advantages to softening your water but you may not know exactly what these are. It may seem like such more
Smoothie magnesium mineralized water
The Benefits of Smoothies Made With Magnesium Mineralized Water12.4.2017 Add Magnesium Mineralized Water for a tastier beverage.: Smoothies are one of the best ways to make sure that you get your five a day and the best thing is you can make them with all sorts of different more
bwt magnesium mineralized water running
Hydrating for Sport3.4.2017 Hydrate effectively with Magnesium Mineralized Water: Everyone knows that you should keep hydrated while exercising but did you know that you can lose up to two litres of water per hour just through more
Wonderful Water Facts23.3.2017 Our Planet's Most Precious Resource:   Yesterday was World Water Day so here are some Wonderful Water facts to celebrate our world’s most precious resource. There is the same amount more
Getting The Most Out Of Your Tea8.3.2017 For Great Tea, Preparation is Key!: There are many different types of tea; in fact there are approximately 1500 varieties according to the UK Tea & Infusions Association. After water more