​​​ ​​ BWT AQA perla – ‘Product of the Year 2012’ - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT AQA perla – Product of the Year 2012

BWT’s soft water system, AQA perla, provides silky-soft pearl water for the entire household – an innovative solution for all home owners in the fight against limescale. It protects showers, makes every bath a wellness experience, produces ultrasoft laundry, leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and the hair silky and shiny and cleans the bathroom fixtures and fittings in a jiffy.


It also safeguards the entire plumbing system against limescale deposits and prolongs the service life of household appliances. Expensive repairs are kept to a minimum and heating and energy costs are substantially reduced. BWT AQA perla won the ‘Product of the Year 2012’ quality mark. It impressed the panel of judges in categories quality, design, functionality and eco-friendliness


The judges’ verdict: “After the softening process, the silky soft water is extremely effective in prolonging the life of the pipe system and the fixtures and appliances connected to it. The ‘AQA Perla’ is also simple and easy to operate, as users just need to input the hardness level of the local drinking water and the required blended water hardness."