​​​ ​​ BWT Osmotron – an award for innovation - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT Osmotron – an award for innovation

With 900 systems worldwide, the BWT OSMOTRON® is the epitome of pharmaceutical water systems. All the processing variants used to produce Purified Water and Highly Purified Water apply the highest standards of quality and microbiological protection and pay particular attention to ergonomics, energy efficiency and optimum environmental performance.


Water output increases by 90%, while a 30% reduction in salt consumption and waste water (depending on water quality) is achieved using BWT’s revolutionary ‘Ecosalt’ technology.


BWT’s OSMOTRON PRO was judged the best product innovation at the ‘TechnoPharm 2010’ fair in Nuremberg. “BWT received the ‘Innovation Award’ for the specific product advantages OSMOTRON® PRO offered to users in terms of innovation, quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”