​​​ ​​ Prizes and Awards - BWT Best Water Technology 

Prizes and Awards

Innovation, quality, design, ease of use, functionality and eco-friendliness are what sets BWT’s products apart, and this has been repeatedly acknowledged and rewarded by eminent panels of judges. Many of our products have received internationally recognised prizes and awards in a wide range of competitions.


BWT’s trend-setting ‘Made in Europe’ products have not only won countless prizes but have proved their quality millions of times over, both where the water enters a building (‘point of entry’) and at its tapping point (‘point of use’), regardless of whether it is tap water, sea water or water from a well.


BWT has ded­i­cated itself to water with a vision of becom­ing the global leader in water tech­nol­ogy and devel­op­ing prod­ucts and processes that are both eco-friendly and cost-effec­tive. We under­stand that our respon­si­bil­ity is to develop the best qual­ity prod­ucts and ser­vices for water treat­ment.