​​​ ​​ BWT Rondomat Duo – award-winning design - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT Rondomat Duo – award-winning design

BWT’s Rondomat Duo range of large softeners is used in buildings and commercial and industrial premises to prevent the build-up of limescale deposits and subsequent damage to the water systems, devices and equipment connected to them.


The BWT Rondomat Duo therefore offers a modern, space-saving design and the most advanced technology, coupled with maximum safety, hygiene and wellbeing in our daily contact with the elixir of life, water. The device excels above all in its efficient mode of operation based on levels of usage.


BWT’s Rondomat Duo range of large softeners won the ‘Austrian State Prize for Design 2011’ in the ‘Capital Goods’ section. “Most of all, the judges were impressed with the timeless design, the space-saving method of construction and the economical use of resources. The aesthetic design reinforces the importance of our essential life-sustaining element, water.”