​​​ ​​ BWT E1 Single Lever filter – ‘Product of the Year 2013’ - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT E1 Single Lever filter –
Product of the Year 2013

BWT’s E1 Single Lever filter makes the task of producing clean drinking water much simpler and safer than ever before. Not only does it protect domestic systems from contaminants and foreign particles borne in the mains water, but it also offers something new: users can replace the filter unit (hygiene safe) in a matter of seconds without any specialist technical knowledge: 


Release the locking device, which shuts the water supply off in both directions  Raise the lever to automatically eject the hygiene safe 

Insert the new hygiene safe, close the lever and lock. Job done!


The E1 Single Lever filter from BWT was awarded the quality mark ‘Product of the Year 2013’. Its outstanding technical specifications won the judges’ vote in each of four categories: innovation, high quality, user-friendliness and functionality.


The judging panel summed up their decision as follows: “BWT’s ‘E1 HW’ Single Lever filter excels through its simple method of shutting off the water supply and enabling the filter unit to be changed in a just a few seconds. Its hygiene safe and world-beating range of filters allow users to replace the filter element without touching the parts that are in direct contact with the water. High-quality materials and outstanding workmanship serve to promote the quality image of the BWT brand.”