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‘Best Water Professional’ & BWT at The Arden F2 Factory

BWT Arden Formula 2

17.10.2018 0:00  

BWT is committed to enhancing the visibility of water treatment through sport sponsorship 

In addition to their Force India partnership, they also sponsor Formula 2 BWT ARDEN & Porsche Cup

BWT at the Arden Formula 2

BWT is keen to demonstrate our investment in technology and teamwork by involving their customers in these partnerships. 

A recent competition for their ‘Best Water Professional’ program saw some installers joining BWT for a day out at the Arden Formula 2 Factory in Banbury. A fabulous day was had by all and included a tour as well as getting hands on with the car, pitstop challenge practicing tyre changes and laps on their professional simulator. 

BWT and BWP installers at the Arden Formula 2 Twitter

If you are interested in becoming a BWT ‘Best Water Professional’ for the opportunity to join in next time visit www.luxurywater.co.uk/installers to register

 BWT at the Arden Formula 2