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Important Update

15.4.2020 0:00   BWT Buckinghamshire

Dear business partner,

An important issue for your direct operation of our BWT water treatment cartridges is handling after operational breaks. In order to support you best with our clear advice we have revised our recommendations for filter handling:

Revised recommendation on BWT filter handling

Important Update

01.4.2020 0:00 BWT Buckinghamshire

***Important Notice*** 

Customers who are closing down due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, please follow the steps below to isolate your equipment:

• Mains Fed Coolers: Locate the small blue tap at the rear of the cooler and turn 90 degrees to the pipe, this will turn off the water. Leave cooler switched on.
• Bottle Fed Coolers: Leave the bottle on and leave cooler switched on.
• Hot Water Boilers: Turn off the power and isolate with small blue tap.


• DO NOT use a dispenser that has been turned off for more than four weeks, Contact BWT.
• DO NOT restart a boiling water dispenser, Contact BWT.

When you know when you are reopening, please inform BWT ASAP so we can get you up and running with the minimum of delay.

Jon Wicks
Managing Director

Important Update

25.3.2020 0:00 BWT Buckinghamshire

Dear Customer, 

BWT continues to operate and provide support where possible to our many customers in the healthcare, public and manufacturing sectors. We are still delivering water, sanitising and providing urgent service support where safe, legal and practical to do so. 

BWT is working within the latest government guidelines to ensure our work practices comply, and as we are sure you will appreciate, we have had to make some adjustments.

During these unprecedented times many of our staff are working from home and thanks to technology all of your calls and emails will be answered but please be patient as this may take longer than usual. All of our contact numbers and email addresses remain active and are being redirected to the most appropriate members of staff. In the first instance we would ask you to contact us in your normal way.

If you require anything and don’t know who to ask, our first point of contact remains the same customerservice@bwt-uk.co.uk or 01494 838100 or if your enquiry is related to our water cooler business or salt deliveries please contact swcs@bwt-uk.co.uk or 01793 833600 option 2

BWT hopes that you all stay safe and that the crisis passes in the shortest possible time.

Jon Wicks
Managing Director

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