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Just a Drop and BWT: Update October 2019

Just a Drop's Kasosa Village Project supported by BWT

31.10.2019 0:00   BWT UK

Just a Drop is pleased to provide an update on project progress at Kasosa Village result of BWT partnership with Just a Drop.


The project began in Kasosa Village with a full explanation of the project with the community and the role of the Water and Sanitation Committee (WSC) through a series of discussions. The committee was formed and consists of

ten men and women, which includes five women to spearhead the sanitation programme in the community. Proposed sites for the borehole were discussed, taking into account community accessibility and environmental considerations.


A five day intensive training followed, where the three key members of the WSC were trained in borehole maintenance and account management, alongside three other communities.


The training was split into an introductory section, the theory of borehole
maintenance, financial management, two days of practical lessons and time to
recap. During this training, the four communities split into three groups for
practical training in repair and maintenance of boreholes. This also means that
other communities gain access to safe water through the training aspect of Just a Drop’s project as the Kasosa community were trained to service and repair any damages in boreholes across those two days.



Just a Drop & BWT: WASHE training, safe and unsafe water

During the WASHE training, they look  

at the differences between safe and unsafe.


WASHE (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education) training took place within the community. It included discussions on good hygiene practices, demonstrating the importance of handwashing, safe disposal of excrement and domestic hygiene. Just gaining access to clean water doesn’t provide communities with the full health benefits, handling and storing water safely is crucial as well.



The community of Kasosa has contributed K1500 (approximately £115) towards a Capital Fund, which is kept by the Treasurer of the WSC. This fund is to be used to support the ongoing repair and maintenance of the borehole.

The WSC will also set up a standard user fee per month per households to pay to maintain this fund, or an equivalent gift in kind such as maize, chickens etc.

The community have collected the sand and stones for the borehole apron
construction as part of their community contribution. They have also cleared the road and site in readiness for rig access and borehole drilling.


A contract with a drilling company has been signed, with the drilling taking place this month, to coincide with the driest time of the year to ensure a year round supply of water from the well. A hand pump will be installed shortly afterwards and full water testing will then take place before the community starts using the water. This project will transform the lives of this community through gaining access to safe water.




Just a Drop & BWT: WASHE training, encouraging handwashing

During the WASHE training, the community are asked  

to dip their hands in turmeric which represent

germs. They are then asked to shake hands with

other people to show how easily they can be passed

between people and also transferred onto food,

therefore encouraging handwashing at the crucial points.




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Just a Drop and BWT: Update October 2019



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