​​​ ​​ Luxury Water® Day - BWT Best Water Technology 

A fantastic opportunity to see and feel the benefits of Luxury Water® for yourself.

Luxury Water® Days

13.9.2018 9:00  

Join us for a Luxury Water® Day and enjoy...

-Luxury Water® demostrations
-Professional and friendly advice
-Free hard water test cards
-Free entry into prize draw
-Exclusive Luxury Water® day offers
-Light refreshments

A fantastic opportunity to see and feel the benefits of Luxury Water® for yourself.

Luxury Water® Day


Luxury Water® from BWT offers a real difference that you can feel.

Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home, whether
you choose to enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot, soothing
bath, the richer lather and the softer suds created can help ease
away the stresses of the day. Skin is left softer, smoother and
feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine.

Luxury Water® also brings a new found softness to your laundry
too. Soaps and detergents rinse out more easily, leaving clothes
more cuddly, fluffier and softer to touch; a benefit the whole
family can enjoy throughout the day, and you use much less
detergent too!


Install a BWT softener and turn tap water into Luxury Water®

BWT Luxury Water day

Three important dates for your diary:


 Saturday 6th October

Banstead Kitchen Studio - Luxury Water Day

Banstead Kitchen Studio

Place: 63 High Street

Telephone: 01737 370708
Email: info@bansteadkitchenstudio.com


              Monday 8th October

City Plumbing Supplies - Luxury Water Day

City Plumbing Supplies

Place: Unit 4 Grovebell Industrial Estate, 

Farnham GU10 4PL

Telephone: 01252 783800
Email: cpsfarnham@cityplumbing.co.uk


 Tuesday 4th December

Priority Building Supplies - Luxury Water Day

Priority Building Supplies

Place: 2, Clocktower industrial estate, Clock Tower Rd, 

Isleworth TW7 6GF

Telephone: 020 8568 3370
Email: webteam@priorityplumbing.co.uk


Ask for your invitation!

 Luxury Water® from BWT