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BWT helped to raise money for Breast Cancer Care

AQA Drink 60 wows at Silverstone

27.7.2018 0:00   BWT Buckinghamshire

BWT provided great tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water to the thousands of Formula One Fans

BWT’s flagship AQA Drink 60 high volume water cooler faced its toughest task yet over the recent Silverstone Grand Prix weekend when it formed the back bone of the company’s fund raising efforts in support of Breast Cancer Care alongside Sahara Force India. The initiative was simple, to provide great tasting BWT mineralized water to the thousands of Formula One Fans who had made the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite their home for the duration of this year’s British Grand Prix in exchange for a donation to Breast Cancer Care.

Making use of over 7000 500ml reusable branded sports bottles three top of the range AQA Drink 60 proved more than up to the task. Working in temperatures of over 32 degrees they continuously delivered bottle after bottle of chilled BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water. With free refills available and an unparalleled taste it wasn’t surprising that many spectators chose to walk past and ignore the water points provided around the camp and festival site and make their way back to the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer Water rehydration centre at the heart of the Sahara Force India Fan Zone.

Returning visitors couldn’t believe even in the midday heat that the BWT water dispensers were still serving refreshing chilled water. When asked about the four day weekend and whether the initiative had been worthwhile Jon Wicks BWT’s UK Managing Director said, “First and foremost we were here this weekend to support Breast Cancer Care, Sahara Force India’s charity partner whilst at the same time helping to ensure that the 17,000 fans camping in this area were kept hydrated, safe and refreshed. Our drinking water dispensers are normally found in commercial applications like offices, shops, hospitals and schools where the ambient temperature is usually much lower and so to see them working continuously in the blistering heat and delivering in the region 15,000 litres of water over the weekend is nothing short of staggering and a credit to their build quality and bodes well for future customers looking for a high performance cooler in their work place”.

By the close on Saturday night, our donation buckets were full and many thirsty fans and families had become grateful owners of one of our distinctive white and pink sports bottles. With counting finally completed we are proud to announce that the final total raised for Breast Cancer Care from within the Silverstone Sahara Force India Fan Zone in 2018 is a staggering £40,844! We are proud to confirm around £13,000 of that total came from the efforts of BWT, their Partners and the generosity of Formula 1 fans.

AQA Drink 60 wows at Silverstone





 AQA DrinK 60 water cooler



BWT & Sahara Force India helped Breast Cancer Care raise 40.844 at Silverstone Woodlands