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Join us at ISH Frankfurt!
Join us at ISH Frankfurt!11.3.2019 : ISH is the world's leading trade fair focusing on the management of water and energy in buildings. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, pioneer water ...read more
bwt news SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team
BWT Arden Team: Introducing the Fastest Woman in the World 1.3.2019 BWT UK: British racing team BWT Arden, recently announced their second driver to complete the team line-up for the 2019 FIA Formula 2 Championship. The new recruit ...read more
bwt news SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team
BWT continues their successful run on the Formula 1 grid in 2019 13.2.2019 BWT Mondsee: We are delighted to announce that BWT is extending their successful partnership with the SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team as the principal sponsor in 2019.  The ...read more
BWT The Grand Prix 2019 Challenge
The Grand Prix 2019 Challenge30.1.2019 BWT Buckinghamshire : Are you an Installer? Terms and Conditions: For every BWT WS Water Softener you buy & register ...read more
BWT joins hands with Just a Drop to provide clean and safe water
BWT joins hands with Just a Drop to provide clean and safe water25.1.2019 BWT UK: BWT are pleased to announce a new partnership with Just a Drop, helping them in their incredible journey to provide clean and safe water to people across ...read more
 BWT UK news: Block Salt Shortage
Switch Easily to BWT Care Cubes 26.11.2018 : Due to circumstances beyond our control, Water Softener block salt is in very short supply across Europe. If you are having difficulty obtaining block ...read more
 BWT and installers at Arden Formula 2
BWT Arden Formula 217.10.2018 : BWT is committed to enhancing the visibility of water treatment through sport sponsorship  In addition to their Force India partnership, they also ...read more
 Luxury Water® Day
Luxury Water® Days13.9.2018 : Join us for a Luxury Water® Day and enjoy... -Luxury Water® demostrations -Professional and friendly advice -Free hard water test cards -Free entry ...read more
AQA Drink 60 wows at Silverstone
AQA Drink 60 wows at Silverstone27.7.2018 BWT Buckinghamshire: BWT provided great tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water to the thousands of Formula One Fans BWT’s flagship AQA Drink 60 high volume water cooler ...read more
BWT The Grand Prix 2018 Challenge
The Grand Prix 2018 Challenge20.10.2017 BWT Buckinghamshire : Calling all Installers! Terms and Conditions: Installers buying, installing and registering 5 BWT ...read more