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BWT UK: Going Green for Planet Blue

4.10.2019 0:00   BWT UK

Best Water Technology UK Going Green for Planet Blue

At BWT, the tagline “For You and Planet Blue” is more than just a slogan. BWT are committed to exploring every opportunity to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. Recently, BWT have been working on a project here in the UK to make the recycling of their filter cartridges accessible to more people and those businesses based in areas where there is no local provision.


Bestmax Premium Going Green

BWT bestmax cartridges are manufactured using food grade polypropylene and nylon, both of which can be recycled quite easily. In the recycling lottery only customers in favoured postcodes have access to local recycling facilities, whilst those outside of these areas are limited to sending spent cartridges to specialist plastics recycling companies, at a considerable cost in money and time. The new BWT initiative that went live for the first time last month, has been developed to support customers faced by this dilemma.

When the rollout is complete, there will be specially selected regional hubs, where customers will be able to simply consolidate their used cartridges and drop them off at one of these collection points. BWT will only arrange for these to be collected once the hub has sufficient items ready for recycling, minimising the number of journeys and in turn the carbon footprint. Collected by one of our specially selected partners, the used cartridges will be taken to a specialist recycling facility where the cartridges are then cut open to access the ‘spent’ resin, which will then be regenerated and re-used in other products.

The remaining nylon and plastic components are washed, ‘minced-up’ and sold to make new products. This granular product has a value of around £30 per metric tonne and helps reduce the need to manufacture new plastic from oil. In turn, helping BWT to further minimise our carbon footprint.

The UK Initiative is the one of many such projects and in Germany, BWT is already looking to launch their own version of the scheme and streamlining this process by using robotic systems and laser cutting beams, so in the future we expect our efficiencies to improve, and our carbon footprint to shrink even further.






All part of our mission for you and planet blue…

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