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ROC Coffee Launch at London Coffee Festival

2.3.2020 0:00   BWT Buckinghamshire

From 2nd – 5th April, BWT’s Water and More team will be launching the ROC Coffee at the London Coffee Festival 2020. This year, BWT UK’s Water and More team will be focusing on a revolutionary new concept for the best coffee water, by utilising the patented BWT Magnesium technology. Indispensable for everyone who earns a living out of coffee and related products, with maximum protection for machines, equipment and a full coffee aroma.


What is ROC Coffee?



BWT’s bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee is a combination of Reverse Osmosis and patented BWT Magnesium technology. “This is all combined in a very compact design, enabling the production of the very best water for making coffee!” Will Hinton, Water and More UK Sales Manager.


The team look forward to presenting the BWT ROC Coffee to the British public at the biggest coffee festival in the country. This innovative product signifies a new era for water optimisation!


How does the ROC Coffee work?



Coffee professionals will know that excellent water quality is essential to having the best tasting coffee. Having water with a perfectly balanced mineral content gives you the best possible extraction of fine coffee aromas.


In the first optimisation stage, the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee removes unwanted minerals, suspended particles, odours and flavours. It also takes out microplastics. In the second optimisation stage, the water is given the ideal mineral composition for the preparation of coffee as well as tea and cocoa, thanks to BWT’s Magnesium technology. The water optimisation can then be precisely adapted to the desired application by means of a freely scalable blend setting. The operator manages and monitors the final water quality outcome using a Bluetooth connected smart phone and a BWT App.


BWT’s Product Champion

“With this compact unit, customers can use the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee to produce water of a consistently high quality, regardless of the water quality at their location” ,says Steve Ansell, BWT’s Product Champion. This new ‘tool’ for baristas, coffee roasters, cafe owners and anyone else who make a living from coffee, has an exceptionally long life and is highly efficient and straightforward to use.




What’s the verdict?



Mat North from Full Court PressWe sat down with the owner of Full Court Press, Mat North, to discuss how the ROC Coffee has had an impact on his business.


Why did you choose BWT’s ROC coffee?



We have been using The BWT bestmax Premium cartridge for some time now, but were looking for a more stable system to guard against fluctuations in source water content, something a cartridge system is not always equipped to deal with. The ROC Coffee is perfect for this as not only does it ensure that all the source water is subject to RO treatment but it also adds in minerals via the new remineralisation system. The fact that it has a small footprint with a built in tank, were huge benefits.

What are the benefits you have seen since using ROC coffee?



Since switching to the ROC Coffee we have seen incredible consistency from our output water, something that is crucial for the modern speciality coffee outlet. Our coffee has taken a step up in consistency since the switch. In addition, the ability to track and monitor the water content via the app is a particular benefit.


Would you recommend ROC coffee and why?



If you are looking for a Reverse Osmosis system that is easy to maintain with a small footprint then this is perfect. Its ability to produce consistent water with all of the minerals that we need to ensure efficient extraction with none of the scale forming compounds is amazing. In fact, I would recommend it over any other system that I have tried.


BWT ROC Coffee – you deserve only the best!


With expertise in all things concerning coffee water and water optimisation systems, BWT UK’s Water and More team, throughout, have been and remain an important and reliable partner to the coffee industry.


The team understands coffee processing and preparation and provides suitable technologies for the best taste results in the cup and clean, fault-free machinery. BWT’s water optimisation tools have long been a bestseller amongst coffee professionals and coffee lovers throughout the country.


Water+More Manager BWT UK William Hinton



Will Hinton takes a practical view on it all: “Come and visit us on 2nd – 5th of April at the London Coffee Festival, hosted by The Truman Brewery and see for yourself just how much water influences the taste of coffee and how easy it is to optimise water for coffee extraction!”







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What is the besthead FLEX?


What is the besthead FLEX?




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