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5 reasons why you need water coolers in your office

Water coolers are a must-have in offices

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Having a water cooler in your office is a simple and effective way to provide staff and visitors with easy access to clean, great tasting drinking water, whilst helping to boost staff concentration levels and often increasing productivity. Staying hydrated is also key and one of the easiest ways to ensure constant hydration is with a water cooler! Read on to find out how beneficial a water cooler can be in your office!


Water coolers are environmentally friendly

water coolers are environmentally friendly

Instead of bringing expensive single use plastic bottles in to the work place, employees are able to fill and then refill sports bottles, cups and glasses with drinking water straight from the cooler. Not only is it good for the environment, since single use plastic is reduced, but also cheaper for employers and employees, as it is not necessary to buy or supply bottled water.


Clean and fresh water

water coolers for clean and fresh water at work

The Water coolers are easy to use and can be specified with the choice of four water-dispensing options that include: hot, cold, ambient and sparkling. Most coolers in the range offer two options and some of the new models like the BWT AQA40 drink up to three options from a single unit. Thus, allowing visitors and staff to enjoy a refreshing, mineralized drinking water experience that can help bring out the full flavour of their favourite hot and cold drinks.


Contribution to health

Alongside providing fresh and clean drinking water BWT water coolers can also help maintain magnesium levels. The mineral is highly advantageous for health, for instance, it helps maintain a steady heartbeat, it helps controls blood pressure and can in some circumstances even help us to retain memories for a longer period. On top of that, it strengthens muscles and reduces stress and anxiety, thereby it can make the workday more relaxed.


Less headaches – higher concentration levels

water coolers for a higher concentration levels at workplace

On average, health professionals recommend that you aim to drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day (1). Health experts have also advised that the best way to stay hydrated is to drink little sips often, to maintain a healthy hydration balance. Having a water cooler in the office can help staff stay hydrated throughout the day by having easy access to fresh water and encouraging them to drink a little and often. As a result, it can be easier for them to focus on their work and hydration can raise their productivity.

BWT offers a variety of water coolers, hence it is easy to find the one that suits your office the best. You can choose from bottled water coolers, units that are plumbed in and drinking water fountains. These can be specified as floor standing or counter top and plumbed in units often come with choice of filtration level covering the most basic removal of bad tastes and odours through to complex filtering solutions that add back in and enhance the mineral content of vital minerals like magnesium.


You can choose from:

  Bottled water coolers

 Bottled water coolers for offices
   Plumbed in water cooler

 Plumbed in water cooler for offices
   Drinking water fountains

Drinking water fountains for offices
    Hot water boilers

Hot water boilers for offices

 Under sink drinking water solutions

 Under sink drinking water solutions for offices


The NEW BWT AQA Drink range of plumbed in or bottled water coolers are characterised by their Magnesium Mineralized filter technology, flexible water options and easy to use controls. Whether at home, school, gym or work, with the NEW BWT AQA Drink range, you are ensuring a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water. With four models to choose from there is an AQA Drink water cooler to suit most environments from the modern home to the busy office or showroom.

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(1) BBC Good Food: How much water should I drink a day?

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