The unique benefits of Luxury Water® softeners

The Advantages of Softened Water

1.5.2017 9:00   Find out about the benefits of softened water for you, your family and your home.

advantages of softener Luxury Water for you and your family

We’re sure you’ve heard that there are advantages to softening your water but you may not know exactly what these are. It may seem like such a simple thing couldn’t possibly bring that many benefits but there are a number of real advantages for your home, your family and yourself.

Softening your water reduces the amount of hardness minerals within it reducing the damaging effects of limescale, this means you don’t have to expend as much time cleaning to keep your taps and shiny surfaces sparkling. The lack of limescale also means that you don’t have to use as many harsh cleaners which will not only protect your pocket but also the environment. The build-up of limescale can affect your appliances making them less efficient and in some cases leading them to break down. Softened water can save you money by keeping your appliances free of limescale and running efficiently.

When it comes to washing your clothes and linens softened water can make quite the difference, not only can it make fabrics feel softer but it can also extend their lives saving you money in the long run. Laundry washed in softened water usually requires less detergent and fabric softener which can also save you money.

As well as reducing the amount of laundry detergent you use softened water means you can use up to 50% less shampoo and soap while bathing. Softened water lathers more easily and so will give you more bubbles for less. It can also be kinder to your skin and leave your hair shinier.

We offer a whole high quality range of Luxury Water softeners supplied by trusted merchants and installers so if you think you could benefit please do not hesitate to contact us.
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