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A matter of taste

Coffee Beans

12.5.2017 9:00   Magnesium Mineralized Water for a full flavoured cup.

A matter of taste Magnesium Mineralized Water for Coffee


We work with over 5000 High Street locations to make sure that their water perfectly complements their coffee and along the way we’ve learnt a few things about this delicious beverage. Although a black coffee is 95% water the coffee used accounts for 95% of the taste which can vary greatly from cup to cup as coffee beans embody unique flavours. This isn’t just down to the variety of coffee bean but is also due to climate, altitude, soil and also the method of processing the beans for consumption. 

The two main varieties of coffee cultivated for consumption are Robusta and Arabica. The taste of Arabica beans tend to be sweeter and softer with hints of fruit and berries whereas Robusta beans tend to have a stronger, harsher taste and peanut overtones. Robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans and are easier to grow, maturing much more quickly than Arabica beans and yielding more berries per crop. They can also grow at lower altitudes than Arabica Beans.


Coffee beans Magnesium Mineralized BWT


Coffee beans grown at higher altitudes experience cooler temperatures, they take longer to reach maturity which results in more complex and richer flavours. Also the steeper terrain results in high levels of natural drainage which means the coffee berry will have less water content resulting in a more concentrated flavour. For example coffee beans from Guatemala tend to have a well-rounded balance between acidity and sweetness with fruit, cocoa and spice undertones whereas beans from Kenya may have more body and greater acidity with hints of blackcurrant.


After the beans have been picked and processed they are roasted and the duration of the roast influences the final flavour of the coffee beans. A light roast creates a milder flavour while a medium roast has a stronger flavour. Medium-dark and dark roast produce more bitter flavours but tend to have less acidity, dark roast beans are mainly used for espresso.


Coffee is a matter of personal taste and where some prefer rambunctious Robusta blends from Africa others may prefer a more subtle South American Arabica. Whichever you prefer Magnesium Mineralized Water is an excellent choice to prepare your favourite cup of Joe with. Magnesium is a great flavour carrier and will make sure you experience your chosen bean in its full glory.

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