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Choosing your perfect office Water Dispenser

Why you need to have a Water Dispenser in your office?

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Your perfect office water dispenser

We all know how important it’s to maintain optimal hydration. Many studies over the years have shown how dehydration affects our mental performance. Poor hydration not only causes physiological disorders, it’s a well known fact that we simply can’t survive more than a few days without water. That's why staying hydrated is so important in the work environment, where performance and concentration is key; well positioned water dispensers the work place can play an essential part in ensuring staff are well hydrated and remain productive throughout the day. Not only is it desirable to ensure staff are well hydrated it is also a legal responsibility of companies to provide potable water at work. 

Whatever your business sector there is a Magnesium Mineralized Water solution to suit you. In circumstances where you are unable to judge the quality of the water or there is no water on site our bottled water solution is the perfect answer. Our 19 litre bottles of BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water can provide water for drinking, making hot drinks and mixing. If you have a suitable water supply and simply want it to taste better and be delivered at the optimum temperature then one of our plumed in water coolers or boilers can provide the benefits of Magnesium Mineralized Water at the touch of a button. 


Key reasons why you need to have a Water Dispenser in your office?

Buying or renting a water dispenser for the office is an excellent investment, as it not only provides your employees with refreshing, healthy water to drink whenever they want but it can also help minimise the amount of sugary drinks they consume. This can have a positive impact on their health and focus. Your employees can enjoy access to fresh water, which in turn can help to keep them alert and boost their focus levels as well as boosting their health.
Not only is an adequate intake of water vital for your employees’ body, it is also essential for their minds. For many of us our daily routine requires deep concentration and we come across stressful situations, which is precisely why it is important to keep sufficiently hydrated. Dehydration can result in poor concentration, fatigue and headaches, while regular drinking boosts the mind and body and improves performance and motivation.
Whether in a showroom, office or a shop, a water dispenser is invaluable not only for keeping staff hydrated and visitors refreshed but for enhancing the environment and encouraging customers to relax and stay longer. Thanks to the simple controls a correctly installed Magnesium Mineralized Water dispenser by a BWCA trained Installer is easy to use, ensuring you, your staff and customers will receive clean and delicious magnesium enriched drinking water directly. Where and when they need it.


The Magnesium Mineralized difference

Magnesium Mineralized Water cooler for offices

Magnesium vitalises, promotes concentration and provides a natural energy boost. Our specially developed Magnesium Mineralized Water is also used in our water dispensers.
The mineral content of the water is enhanced by adding magnesium as it is being filtered. Magnesium is a source of great taste and the filter cartridge also reduces the limescale and chlorine concentration in the water and removes metallic substances. During this process, vital minerals remain in the water and ensure perfect taste and wellbeing. An unforgettably refreshing water to enjoy throughout the day.


The BWT drink barometer

1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

 0 –1/4 litres


To remove the risk of headaches completely, it is best to drink yourself into the next phase.


1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

 1/4–1/2 litres


 In order that you can retain a good mood, pour some more and enjoy fresh water to the full.

1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

 1/2 – 3/4 litres


 Your inner peace comes to the fore as a result of the increasing water level. Drink to that!

1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

 3/4 – 1 litre


 Your brain is well hydrated and floods you with creative thought processes. Everything is flowing perfectly!

1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water1 Glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water

 Up to 1.5 litres


 Congratulations! You remain productive and the work just flows from your fingertips.

Which factors to consider when choosing your office Water Dispenser?

By considering a few key factors, you should find it easier to determine which model is going to be best suited to your needs and those of your company:
  • The temperature of water that you need: It is important to consider which water temperature best suits your office’s needs: if you will need hot, cold or both. Hot and cold water dispensers save time and money. You will no longer need to wait for the kettle to boil water from the tap. BWT will transform your daily brew into the perfect cup of tea or coffee.
  • The space you have available: It is important to decide where you plan to put the water dispenser, as this will determine how much space you have available. The water dispenser needs to be easily accessible so don’t select a tiny space where people won’t actually be able to use it without causing disruption to others. It’s important to think about the safety side of things. Check how much room you have and then look at the models that are going to fit comfortably into that space. Also, if you decided on a bottle water dispenser, you will need storage space for the empty/new bottles.
  • The number of employees you have: Another thing to look at is how many employees you have who will be using the water dispenser. If you only have a few members of staff you may find that a smaller model, such as a table top dispenser, will be fine. If you run a large office you should consider a larger free standing one or even a plumbed in dispenser.
  • How much do you need to spend: Even if you use only several a few litres of water a day, you could save money with a BWT water. Choose wisely and the you may well be surprized at the time you save from simply not waiting for the kettle to boil or those trips to the shop for bottled water or soft drinks. Simple dispensers work out at less than a £1 a day whilst state of the art units delivering Chilled, hot and sparkling water will cost a little more. They style of cooler will also affect the cost and while a state of art dispenser may be justified in the reception area a more functional unit could be the right choice for the kitchen area. The option to rent a dispenser is now the most popular choice for most businesses spreading the cost throughout the year and providing the peace of mind of regular sanitisation and maintenance visits within the price. The length of contract will also affect the price, commit to three or even five years with a supplier and the cost per month will almost certainly reduce in some cases considerably. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can more easily determine which water dispenser will be best suited to your needs. Still puzzled then call a BWCA registered provider like us for some free advice 

Whether you choose a single dispenser, or multiple units, whether you decide on a bottled or plumbed in dispenser, insisting on BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water is the best way of ensuring your drinking water is magnesium enriched. The BWT water dispensers offer you cooled or heated water at the press of a button. BWT water dispensers are ideal for events, companies, canteens and schools. There are many different models and types on the market these days with something to suit most needs and budgets.

You can choose from:

  Bottled water coolers

 Bottled water coolers for offices
   Plumbed in water cooler

 Plumbed in water cooler for offices
   Drinking water fountains

Drinking water fountains for offices
    Hot water boilers

Hot water boilers for offices

 Under sink drinking water solutions

 Under sink drinking water solutions for offices

choosing your perfect office water dispenser 


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