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BWT World Water Day 2020 Bottle Free Zone
World Water Day 2020 18.3.2020 BWT UK: This World Water Day we are fighting for our planet. The 2020 campaign will highlight the significant impact climate change is having on our planet and ...read more
next British Mini Bike Champion
The next British Mini Bike Champion!17.3.2020 BWT UK: Since the age of 9, Daniel Goodman, a young Moto Cross rider, has been working tirelessly towards his goal of becoming the next British Mini Bike Champion. ...read more
Effective and Profitable water conditioner
Powermag from BWT13.3.2020 BWT UK : Choose the right partner when it comes to water treatment   Looking for an effective answer to satisfy your customers who want to protect their installations ...read more
Happy International Women's Day from BWT UK!
In conversation with the women of BWT for International Women’s Day6.3.2020 Happy International Women's Day!: Working in business and in a senior position whilst being a woman is not only rare but also extraordinarily inspiring. For years now, women across ...read more
Survival Guide to the London Coffee Festival
BWT will provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your London Coffee Festival experience. 26.2.2020 London Coffee Festival: It is that time of year again, the London Coffee Festival is here and it is happening right now!    Are you a coffee enthusiast? Is this ...read more
woman drinking water from a bottle
Drinking Water for Weight Loss30.1.2020 Buckinghamshire: Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to a healthy lifestyle. Water accounts for 60% of our body, therefore making it an essential part of our everyday ...read more
Whether they choose to drink at home or at school, encouraging and motivating children to drink water regularly is essential
Six ways to help your child drink more water15.10.2019 Buckinghamshire: As most of us know, the human body is largely composed of water. In adult men, about 60% of their bodies are water. However, fat tissue does not have as ...read more
Salt plays a key role in helping softeners soften your hard water.
The Key to Softened Water?12.9.2019 Buckinghamshire: BWT Luxury water softeners remove limescale-causing minerals, so taps and surfaces are scale, scum and smear free. However, water softeners only work efficiently ...read more
Water coolers are a must-have in offices
Water coolers are a must-have in offices9.8.2019 Buckinghamshire: Having a water cooler in your office is a simple and effective way to provide staff and visitors with easy access to clean, great tasting drinking water, ...read more
Skin benefits of softened water
Why you should use Luxury Water for your Baby's skin? 23.7.2019 BWT UK: Two types of water There are two different types of water, hard and soft water. Around 60% of the UK has hard to very hard water. Counties ...read more