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Strengthen your Mind and Muscles

Magnesium Mineralized Water for Sport

21.5.2019 9:00   BWT UK
Every type of sports related activity requires a certain level of mental and physical well-being. For athletes and individuals who exercise on a daily basis, keeping your body and mind healthy is imperative. Research has shown that Magnesium is an essential mineral for us all. From reducing the risk of muscle cramps to ensuring your stress levels stay regulated – Magnesium takes into account the needs of your body and your mind.





Support for your Muscles

Magnesium Mineralized Water for Strengthen your Muscles

During intense exercise, the body loses Magnesium more quickly through sweat – which tends to be produced in greater amounts during physical exertion. During physical exercise, Magnesium moves from the blood plasma into the red blood cells as a way of balancing the loss of energy, which is normally produced by higher levels of oxygen. The less oxygen your cells get, the greater the movement of Magnesium from the plasma into the red blood cells1.  


The recommended daily intake of Magnesium is between 300-400mg for both men and women. Magnesium acts as a natural calcium blocker to help muscles relax. In your muscles, calcium binds two proteins, troponin C and myosin. This process changes the shape of these proteins, which generates a contraction. Magnesium competes with calcium for these same binding spots to help relax your muscles2. Without the correct level of Magnesium, muscles can start to cause severe cramps. 


 As such, it is important for athletes and people who exercise on a regular basis for extended periods, to ensure they include Magnesium in their diet, as part of healthy lifestyle.




Support for the Mind




Research suggests that a Magnesium deficiency could lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Nourishing your mind is just as important as nourishing your body. Magnesium helps to regulate your mood and stress – this is especially important for athletic people who need the energy to keep going emotionally, helping to encourage individuals during extreme fitness and sports related activity. Magnesium is also known to help you sleep better, especially for those suffering from insomnia. Magnesium has the ability to relax your mind so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, undisturbed. This is essential for athletes who have regular training; having a good rest ensures they have more energy whilst they train. The consumption of Magnesium can also have a positive effect on your overall brain health. With the help of Magnesium, the brain is able to transmit and receive signals and responses more effectively.



Stay Hydrated Whilst Exercising

Staying hydrated whilst exercising or participating in a sports related activity is important. Water is essential for optimum energy levels. Most athletes and fitness individuals understand this and maintain that it is difficult to carry on exercising or participating in a sport without staying hydrated first. You can stay hydrated during sports or fitness related activities in many ways, below are a few suggestions:


Water Coolers at the Gym or Home

Magnesium Mineralized Water Cooler for Gyms

With BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water Coolers and dispensers, staying hydrated is easy. Deliciously refreshing and beneficial to your health, the Water Coolers can be found in your local gym or you could purchase one for your home. Easy to install and use, you can start hydrating whilst exercising instantly!


Magnesium Mineralized Water Jug

Magnesium Mineralized Water Jug for Sport Strengthen your Muscles

Staying hydrated whilst away on holiday has now become easier than ever with BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water Jugs! Easy to use, these jugs can be taken along with you on your travels – whether you enjoy hiking, yoga meditation or extreme sports, with a Magnesium Mineralized Water Filter Jug, you will stay hydrated for longer.


Sports Bottles for Constant Hydration during Hot Weather

Magnesium Mineralized Water for Sport Bottles and your constant Hydration



Staying hydrated whilst exercising is important but drinking water regularly when the weather is hot is just as important. If you are always on the go, the perfect way to stay cool is with a BWT filled Sports Bottle. With a sports bottle, you will be helping not only yourself, by staying hydrated but you will also be helping the planet by cutting down on single use plastic bottles. Sports bottles are easily refillable from your BWT filter jug or water dispenser and they help you stay hydrated throughout the day.








Remember, if you are taking part in sports or extreme exercise related activities, Magnesium is an essential element for performance and recovery. Find the best way to added Magnesium to your diet at home with the Magnesium Mineralized Jug or keep yourself hydrated at gym with BWT’s Water Coolers. Do you already add Magnesium to your sports or exercise routine? Have you noticed any difference? We want to hear you, your opinions and suggestions! Where? We are waiting to read them at BWTUK Facebook, BWTUK Twitter or BWTUK Instagram!


Disclaimer: This blog provides general information and discussions about health related subjects. The contents of this blog and website are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read on this blog. If you have a medical concern, please seek immediate advice from your health care provider.


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