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BWT’s Water Coolers

Stay hydrated this summer with BWT’s Water Coolers!

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BWT’s Water Coolers!

Summer has finally arrived (thank you sunshine!). As the temperatures slowly start to rise, it is important to stay hydrated at work and at home.

Keeping yourself hydrated during warm weather is essential. Why? Because even though water makes up two thirds of our body, we tend to lose fluids quickly, especially through sweat and urination (1). As we start to lose fluids and forget to top up with more water, dehydration occurs. Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, tiredness and a lack of concentration. The key is, to drink regularly throughout the day and to increase your intake of water.



BWT have a wide range of Water Filter Jugs and Water Coolers to keep you cool during hot weather and so you can stay hydrated.





How can a BWT water cooler help?

Water Coolers are an easy way of ensuring you regularly drink fluids throughout the day. The benefits of investing in a water cooler this summer are endless.



  • Having a BWT water cooler in the workplace is a good way of encouraging yourself and your colleagues to drink more water. Taking regular breaks during office hours helps you stay energised. What better way to take a break, than walking to your nearest water cooler for a glass of delicious Magnesium Mineralized Water? Helping to reduce fatigue and increase productivity levels.



  • With a BWT Water Cooler, you also have the added bonus of drinking Magnesium Mineralized Water! Magnesium is good for your mind and muscles, helping you stay energised both physically and mentally. With BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer Water Coolers, you will also be able to boost your essential magnesium levels as part of your daily intake.


  • BWT’s water coolers offer ultimate flexibility. Coming in a range of styles from bottled water coolers and hot water boilers to plumbed in water coolers and water fountains, their variety is perfect for both work offices and homes. There are designs and colours to suit everyone. As well as that, BWT’s friendly customer service team are always available to discuss your budget requirements.


BWT’s Water Coolers!



How much water should you drink?

The amount you drink really depends on your health, your lifestyle and the climate you live in. On average, the NHS recommends that you aim to drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day (2). Health experts have advised that the best way to stay hydrated is to drink little sips often, to maintain a healthy hydration balance.


Recommended daily intake of water (3):




 9 - 13

1.6L/day = 6 glasses 

 1.4L/day = 5 to 6 glasses

 14 - 18

 1.9L/day = 7 glasses

1.6Lday = 6 glasses 


 2.6L/day = 10 glasses

2.1l/day = 8 glasses 

Do I have to drink only water to stay hydrated?

Water is ideal but you can definitely mix it up and make it more exciting. Your average intake of water can also come from other drinks like tea and coffee as well as a variety of food types. Although research does suggest that, drinks like tea and coffee can make the body produce urine more quickly, effectively tipping the balance in favour of water. 

Need some inspiration for some drink recipes that will keep you hydrated, refreshed and relaxed throughout summer? Look no further, to find out more about how BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water, mixed with fruits, can help you stay hydrated, visit:


Boost your hydration with BWT's sports recipes, perfect for the summer


BWT’s Sport Drink Recipes!


Need something else to help you beat the heat? Why not try our delicious ice-lollies; they are perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer’s day!


Keep yourself hydrated with these refreshing BWT ice-lolly recipes

BWT’s Ice Lolly Recipes!

As the summer gets warmer, it is important to increase your daily intake of fluids throughout the day, especially if you are exercising during hot weather. Drinking plenty of water, even when you may not feel thirsty, is the key to staying hydrated. With a water cooler, you will stay hydrated at work and at home. BWT’s Water Coolers are easy to install, flexible in style, design and budget and are the perfect way to stay hydrated this summer.

Disclaimer: This blog provides general information and discussions about health related subjects. The contents of this blog and website are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing extreme dehydration or have a medical concern, please seek immediate advice from your health care provider.

BWT, here for you and planet blue…


(1) NHS Inform: Hydration

(2) BBC Good Food: How much water should I drink a day?


(3) Healthy Kids: Drinks for Hydration



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