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BWT are proud supporters of Daniel Goodman

The next British Mini Bike Champion!

17.3.2020 0:00   BWT UK

Since the age of 9, Daniel Goodman, a young Moto Cross rider, has been working tirelessly towards his goal of becoming the next British Mini Bike Champion. In 2018, BWT UK first heard about Daniel after his father and manager, Matt Goodman, contacted BWT and spoke to them about Daniel’s desire to compete in racing.


Motorbiker Daniel Goodman Racing Suit

Motorbiker Daniel Goodman Racing Glove

Fans of Formula 1 will know that this is not the first time BWT have stepped up to support a sports personality. BWT are proud title sponsors of Formula 1 team, Racing Point who on the track are commonly referred to as The Pink Panthers, thanks to their distinctive BWT pink livery. As well as being title sponsors, BWT provides Magnesium Mineralized Water for Racing Point’s drivers, Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll to help energise the team during race days.


Magnesium Mineralized Water is particularly beneficial for upcoming sports personalities, like Daniel, as the mineral Magnesium helps to prevent muscle cramps and helps boost energy levels. Not only that, but BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water is a great flavour carrier. Whether you are participating in the biggest racing events of the year or are just starting out, ensuring that you stay hydrated and invigorated is a key factor to becoming successful.


Daniel has had a keen interest in motocross riding from a young age and over the years has competed in various Moto Cross championships across the country. Daniel has shown that with continued commitment, determination and enthusiasm, you can be at the top of your game. Although BWT cannot claim the credit, 2018 and 2019 were Daniel’s most successful years, as he was ‘placed’ in several events.


Motorbiker Daniel Goodman

In motocross, these included the Bridgestone British Masters, British Youth Nationals and the 2018 Cumbrian MX Championship, he was the winner of the Cumbria MX Champion 65’s and rode really strong all year in all three. In 2019, Daniel made the change from MX to Tarmac and competed in the Mini GP at the British Mini-Bikes, which saw him win the championship in his first year aboard his Bucci BR10 140CC Mini GP Bike.


Daniel Goodman Gear for 2020


Daniel and his family travel all over the UK to attend race ‘meets’ and the races are a real physical challenge. This is where the support of BWT helps to encourage Daniel to keep up the hard work.


“Making sure I regularly hydrate before and after a race is important as it helps to boost my concentration levels. I have been grateful to BWT, who have been there to support and encourage me at every step of the way. And the Magnesium Mineralized Water does taste pretty good, especially after a difficult racing day!” – Daniel Goodman


As part of their mission for you and planet blue, BWT are not only passionate about spreading the message of creating ‘bottle free zones,’ but encourage it too. The idea behind these zones is to stop the buying and using of single-use plastic bottles and instead to encourage a greener alternative like reusable bottles. Daniel has been motivated by the same passion; he takes his BWT sports bottle with him to every race and competition.


Talking about the racing year ahead, Matt had this to say, “We have some great plans for 2020. Training has already begun and we will be pushing for the championship again in the 140CC Mini GP Class that Daniel won in 2019. We just want to take the opportunity to thank BWT for their continued support!”


BWT UK wishes Daniel all the best for 2020!


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