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This World Water Day we are fighting for our planet

World Water Day 2020

18.3.2020 0:00   BWT UK

This World Water Day we are fighting for our planet. The 2020 campaign will highlight the significant impact climate change is having on our planet and how we can step in and make a real difference.


BWT’s ‘for you and planet blue’ reflects our mission to contribute towards making our world a safer place. World Water Day will highlight the importance of everyone having a role to play. At BWT, we are committed to doing just that by working sustainably and conserving the precious resources of our blue planet. We are advocating for change, for you, your family and for our planet.


Bottle Free Zone in your house

Recently, we have been working on a project across all of our offices in Europe where we are creating ‘Bottle Free Zones’. The aim of the project is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles ending up in landfill, which has a knock-on effect on our planet. Every year, more than eight million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans. It is vital that we act now, and do our bit to help preserve our most precious resource, water.


Bottle Free Zone in your office

Small packs of bottled water is often transported over extremely long distances before it arrives with you. There are much better alternatives: appliances, water dispensers, or table water filter jugs with Magnesium Mineralized Water Technology turn households and offices into environmentally friendly ‘Bottle Free Zones.’ BWT often refines the water on site, thus reducing unnecessary transportation. As a result, you use less plastic and your carbon footprint is reduced. Our objective is to create products that are ecological to maximise efficiency and minimise CO2 emissions.




This year for World Water Day, we want to help change the world, sip by sip. We believe that everyone has a right to clean drinking water. However, more than 760 million people worldwide still do not. As such, BWT in the UK are currently supporting Just a Drop as they construct a borehole well in the village of Kasosa in Zambia, which will bring safe water to the 250 people living there. The community had recently been trained in basic hand pump maintenance and repair, and in hygiene and sanitation education, to improve long-term health. This included discussions on good hygiene practices, demonstrating the importance of handwashing and the safe disposal of excrement and domestic hygiene.


At BWT, we are incredibly proud to be supporting Just a Drop in their incredible journey to provide clean and safe water to people across the world.


This initiative is just one of many sustainable projects BWT are currently working on. We are already looking towards the future to find ways in which we can help protect our planet against climate change and support the aims of the World Water Day campaign. If we all continue to work towards this mission together, we can make our planet a safer place.


All part of our mission for you and planet blue…


For more information about World Water Day, please visit: www.worldwaterday.org


To find out more about Just a Drop or to make a donation, please visit: www.justadrop.org


Just a Drop and BWT: World Water Day 2020.



Just a Drop Donation