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<br><font size="6" color="white"><strong>Water is our mission</strong> </font></br>
Water is our mission

Our mission is to preserve resources
and develop sustainable products and services
that treat existing water to the highest quality

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<br><font size="6" color="005d8f"><strong>Luxury Water<sup>®</sup></strong> </font></br>
Luxury Water®

Save, Enjoy & Protect

For you, your family, your home.
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<br><font size="6" color="e5006b"> <strong>Magnesium Mineralized Water</strong> </font></br>
Magnesium Mineralized Water

Perfect for tea, coffee and for drinking
with enjoyment every single day.

Drinking Water at homeDrinking Water at work
<br><font size="6" color="666b6e"><strong> Commercial Solutions </strong></font></br>
Commercial Solutions

For maximum efficiency,
safety and hygiene.

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Our mission
Luxury Water®
Drinking Water
Commercial Solutions


15.4.2020 Important Update Dear business partner, An important issue for your direct operation of our BWT water treatment cartridges is handling after operational breaks. ... Read Article




BWT joins hands with Just a Drop to provide clean and safe water. 


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