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When you rent or buy any BWT plumbed in mains water cooler, boiler or fountain, one of our fully trained engineers will plumb the unit onto your mains water supply. Plus, the installation parts we use are fully W.R.A.S approved and will ensure that your unit is protected against leaks, pressure spikes and back flow.


  • Qualified installers

  • Installation cost included

  • Fully W.R.A.S approved parts

  • Leak protection as standard


Service & Sanitisation

BWT can service all makes and models of bottled water coolers, plumbed in water coolers, fountains and water boilers (even ones that aren’t ours). All of our rental machines are delivered with a full service and back up package and we will always have an engineer in your area.

As a member of the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) we are also obliged to provide you with a regular cooler sanitisation programme. This service is vital to ensure your continued enjoyment of BWT water.


◾De-scaling service available
◾Free replacement machine (rental and service packages only)
◾Free filter replacements
◾Parts & call outs included (rental and service packages only)



BWT water is bottled by us at our own plant to BWCA standards and our water bottles have a standard fitting that will fit on most types of water cooler. We will deliver bottled water to homes as well as businesses and are able to deliver anywhere in the U.K. We operate on a pay as you go basis, so you only pay for the water you need.


  • 19L and 11L bottles available
  • Pay for what you use
  • Flexible delivery patterns to suit most businesses
  • Bottles reused & recycled

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