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Drinking Water Case Studies

7.6.2019 0:00   United Kingdom

BWT drinking water case studies

Here you will discover a collection of upcoming case studies, from a range of organisations working with BWT UK. From our Coolers to Magnesium Mineralised Filters, the case studies delve into BWTs wide-ranging products. 



The studies will explore how BWT products offer a convenient boost for your body with healthy and vitalising drinking water, ideal for various types of organisations. A sufficient supply of drinking water is important for your body, and your general wellbeing. Magnesium vitalises, promotes concentration and provides a natural energy boost. With BWT products, you are ensuring a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water in your environment. 



BWT works hard to guarantee that relationships between the company and client are fostered through trust and an understanding of our customers’ needs and wants. We take pride in our work to help build a strong and long lasting partnerships.



BWT Drinking Water for Business Case Studies



Broadway Engineering

Colten Care


School The Highcrest Academy

UK Atomic Energy Authority


Grosvenor Casinos