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Culham Science Centre was first commissioned in the 1960s, by the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), as a suitable site for a brand new purpose built laboratory for plasma physics and fusion research (1). The site has played a crucial role in helping to create clean and sustainable energy sources for future generations.

Photo: JET interior. Credit: EUROfusion

Photo: JET interior. Credit: EUROfusion.



Today, research continues into fusion energy with the Centre hosting the world’s largest magnetic fusion experiment, JET (Joint European Torus), on behalf of its European partners. As well as also housing a range of hi-tech businesses, the Centre is home to a diverse range of science and technology tenants, including an Innovation Centre for start-up companies (2).


With a large number of staff going in and out of the site every day and working on projects that will help create sustainable energy sources, it is no surprise then that the successful provision of drinking water across the vast site is integral to the health and safety of the staff that work there.


Finding the right water cooler supplier


BWT recently sat down with Audrey Spinner, UKAEA’s Administrative Officer, to discuss why working together helps BWT to meet their exacting quality standards. Audrey, as part of her role, has to ensure that everything runs smoothly across the site for it to operate efficiently and effectively. One such job is guaranteeing staff have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.


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Staying hydrated in a fast pace working environment is important for concentration and people’s well-being. As such, it is imperative that Audrey can have complete confidence in the people that deliver the service.


BWT and Audrey started working together approximately 6 years ago when the decision was made to switch from an old supplier to BWT. “From the outset we noticed a difference; the water coolers were kept so clean and dust free. Not only were the coolers kept to a high standard but visually, they are appealing. Also having the option for bottled water coolers was really useful, especially in areas where we have a limited water supply,” said Audrey. With over a 1000 staff working at UKAEA, the water coolers are used on a regular basis, so making sure they are serviced frequently and operating smoothly at all times, is crucial.



The importance of reliability, flexibility and open communication


Speaking to Audrey, one of the things she mentioned was the importance of
verifying that the water supplier was reliable. Being consistent when it comes to deliveries, and having a single point of contact is essential for peace of mind and convenience. Reliability is a quality that Audrey greatly appreciates and admires as it also reflects the values and ethos of the UKAEA. “It’s so important to have a key contact, and to have the same driver at all times. Because they know the routine, the logistics and do it very quickly. The first time it took me the whole day to show Nigel Pooke (BWT’s CSP) the site because it is vast. Now he just does it on his own in a few hours. Making it hassle free, so I can get on with my job and leave him to it.”

BWT Drinking Water Business Case Studies Atomic Energy Authority Nigel Pooke


Excellence Award
Nigel Pooke, who services all of the coolers at CCFE,

was recently awarded a BWT Excellence Award for

his dedication and commitment to his role.

Always enthusiastic, Nigel has shown that he is willing

to go the extra mile for customers, like Audrey and Atomic Energy.


Flexibility and having open communication go hand in hand, in creating a
successful partnership. BWT believes in providing products and services that are tailored to the needs of their customers. They strive to be a flexible and high quality supplier with dedicated and friendly staff that are prepared to go the extra mile.

When talking about BWT’s flexibility, Audrey commented that, “If I’ve ever had a problem, I would normally hear from someone within a couple of days or even get a response the same day. Nigel is very flexible, especially when he is about to go on annual leave. He will let me know in advance and organise a plan to come and service the coolers before and after. Again, making my job hassle-free.”


BWT prides itself on providing a service that reflects their commitment and dedication of their customers. As such, it is important for them to ensure they have open communication with our customers at all times. As Audrey states, “It is definitely important to have a good rapport, because you can discuss issues without any problems. Open communication allows me to ensure that all my demands are being met and that if there are any worries, they are resolved quickly and efficiently.”


BWT going the extra mile

For UKAEA and Audrey, BWT were ready to take on the challenge of a large site from the very first day. “I remember when we first took on BWT; we had to swap the water coolers across the whole site, for the new ones. Everyone was hands on working from 7am-7pm it took that long. However, we built a good rapport with the team and they finished it with smiles on their faces. As a customer, it was a great first impression!”


A good service not only reflects on a supplier but their customer too. Working with your customer to ensure that there is a smooth operating system is part of being a trustworthy supplier. Going the extra mile for your customer not only builds a positive partnership but also reflects the dedication and passion the business and its staff have. BWT provides a service that is tailored to the needs of UKAEA and by working alongside Audrey, they ensure that drinking water is made easily accessible to the staff working there.



(1) Culham Science Centre


(2) Culham Centre for Fusion Energy


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