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Plumbed In Coolers

Sit back, relax and enjoy refreshing filtered water on tap with a BWT plumbed in mains water coolers. Convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, our plumbed in office coolers are connected directly onto the mains water supply; so there’s no need to order or store heavy bottled water and you’ll never be without fresh tasting drinking water again!

An ideal option for high water users, you can experience unlimited chilled and hot water for a fixed price, plus our experienced engineers will install your plumbed in cooler for you. Plumbed in coolers must be installed near a potable water supply, so close to a kitchen or refreshment point is ideal.

  •     Technologically advanced filtration technology
  •     Hot, cold and chilled models
  •     No bottles
  •     Continuous water supply



The Magnesium Difference

The Magnesium Mineralized Water Difference

Many of our customers already enjoy our unique and patented Magnesium Mineralized Water which not only tastes great but also contributes positively towards their RDA of this vital and beneficial mineral. Ask for more details the next time you speak to us.

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