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BWT’s innovative drive for perfect water quality

Owing to its natural composition, water that comes directly from the tap can only be used in a small number of cases for commercial purposes, industrial operations, high quality products, communal facilities and hospitals.


The bar is constantly being raised in terms of standards and the associated technological requirements for water treatment. The quality standards for the water used are extremely variable, depending on the application. To satisfy these stipulations, water treatment must always be sustainable and reliable. Standards are particularly high for laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, optical processes and the food and drinks sector.


The best possible results for a range of requirements

BWT has spent 50 years designing and building pioneering systems for commercial and industrial companies, communal facilities (such as water treatment plants) and hospitals – from a range of sophisticated systems to the most challenging, specialised solutions.


A large, experienced team of engineers, technical specialists and craftsmen work closely with the client’s system design while incorporating all the ecological and economic factors. BWT supports its clients from the initial water analysis, project planning and configuration stage to the eventual commissioning, operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant.