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Business Owners

BWT - Providing customers with high quality water treatment solutions

Whether you are planning, building or managing a business, the provision of the right quality water is essential for success. From the front of house to the kitchen and the plant room, water plays an ever increasing part in delivering an enhanced customer experience, tangible operating benefits and financial savings. At BWT our specialist team is happy to work with you at any stage of your project to ensure that your water treatment needs are met in a timely and cost effective way.



  • High quality potable water for drinking, food preparation and cooking
  • Scale protection for plant, appliances and sanitary ware

  • Safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing

  • Corrosion protection for appliances

  • Boiler & cooling tower pre-treatment

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

  • Reduction of cleaning times and scale removal

  • Reduction of chemical and detergent use

  • Specialist water for coffee & specialty brewers



  • Improved water quality – better tasting food and beverages
  • Reduced labour housekeeping and maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced chemical and detergent expenses
  • Less scale build-up
  • Increase life span of equipment and textiles
  • Increase effectiveness of dishwashers