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Facility Managers

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Whatever the facility, the right quality water is sure to play an important part in the smooth and effective operation of the businesses housed within it; From providing safe thirst quenching water for visitors and staff, to process water for plant rooms, laboratories and production lines. At BWT we adopt a consultative approach, working closely with our clients to ensure that we provide water treatment solutions that deliver tangible operating and financial benefits. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing plant room, protect vital equipment, or reduce your operating cost through the better use of water, BWT can help.



◾Provision of localised water coolers for drinking water
◾High quality potable water for food preparation and cooking
◾Scale protection for plant, appliances and sanitary ware
◾Safe water for washing and bathing
◾Boiler & cooling tower pre-treatment and recycling
◾Reduction of maintenance costs
◾Reduction of cleaning times and scale removal
◾Reduction of chemical and detergent use


◾Reduced chemical and detergent expenses
◾Increased life span of equipment and textiles
◾Improved water quality – better tasting food and beverages
◾Increased effectiveness of dishwashers and washing machines