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Whether you are planning a job for the future, or looking for a water treatment product for a current project, BWT will almost certainly have the answer. With over 30 years of experience our team is committed to supporting the contractor in the office and in the field. Our UK based technical team is on hand to provide help and guidance on choosing the right product, whilst our national distribution network of specialist merchants ensure easy and local access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive range of water treatment products.



◾Scale and corrosion protection
◾Specialist water supplies
◾Boiler feed water
◾Grey water treatment
◾Rain water harvesting
◾Heating systems
◾Heat recovery systems
◾Process water for manufacturing
◾Potable water provision
◾Plant and equipment protection

Choose BWT because


◾Complete water treatment product range
◾Off the shelf and bespoke solutions
◾High quality products
◾Competitive pricing
◾National distribution
◾UK based technical team
◾Local, national and international experience
◾International service team
◾Part of Europe’s largest water technology group