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Physical Water Conditioners

Liff physical water conditioners - limescale protection for single and multiple appliances


The Liff range of physical water conditioners from BWT work by altering the characteristics of the hardness minerals within the feed water to help prevent limescale forming. Unlike a water softener a scale inhibitor will not soften the treated water and the benefits are derived from the reduction of deposited hard scale within the treated water system.

There are four main types of water conditioner, electro-magnetic, magnetic, electrolytic, and electronic. The flexible nature of their design offers the client a range of benefits including low running costs, simple installation and low maintenance. Chemical free operation ensures the composition of the treated water remains largely unchanged, which is particularly important on potable water supplies.






  • Heat exchangers 
  • Central heating systems  

  • Hot water heaters 

  • Electric showers

  • Immersion heaters 

  • Vending machines 

  • Hot water cylinders

  • Tea boilers


  • Hotel
  • Offices
  • Local authorities 
  • Leisure centres 
  • Schools and colleges
  • Sheltered housing
  • Prisons
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Buildings


Physical Water Conditioners