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Water in its purest form


Water is the most frequently used raw material in the pharma and biotech industry. Water and other ultrapure media are required for the majority of processes that have to comply with mandatory international pharmacopoeia standards. Using its drinking water treatment systems, BWT is able to produce ultrapure water in the correct quality and volumes required. With over 50 years’ experience and the most extensive range of leading technologies and products in the water treatment sector, BWT Pharma & Biotech provides the best available solutions for all ultrapure media systems.


Ultrapure water application areas


Ultrapure water is an essential element in the manufacture of medicines, microelectronics, cosmetics, glass and beverages. In laboratories a consistently high quality of water is also vital for critical analytical applications, such as cleaning and rinsing or as a solvent or transfer medium. As a leading supplier to this market, we have many years’ experience and are experts in all the technologies that are used for producing the various qualities of ultrapure water required for R&D, manufacturing and waste disposal.


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