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Water is one of the most vital excipients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries. Its quality standards are clearly defined and controlled by the relevant authorities. BWT Pharma & Biotech systems are therefore certified in accordance with the standards of the FDA, cGMP, cGAMP, cUSP and cPh. Eur.. The main focus is on the research and development of chemical-free processes and technologies, where the use of chemicals in particular is minimal, the aim being to reduce the need for storage and disposal of hazardous substances, such as acids and alkalis, and to avoid disrupting the mineral balance of the natural resource, water. Today, pure water that meets the relevant specifications and standards can be produced continuously, reliably and ecologically using the proven combination of reverse osmosis and electrochemical demineralisation.


BWT Pharma & Biotech provides compact systems for producing pure and ultrapure water and water for injection and pure steam. BWT is your professional partner for pre-treatment, e.g. using ultrafiltration systems for the reliable storage and distribution of a range of water qualities. All the systems are performance-tested before leaving the factory (Factory Acceptance Test), where the system design, functionality and quality are subject to rigorous checks. As a result, on-site installation and commissioning of the system can be achieved quickly and easily.


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