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Independent water supply for industrial applications

In many industries, constant water supply is a crucial element of production; consistent high-quality water is also essential for preventing the breakdown of machinery. For companies located in geographical areas, where the infrastructure is undeveloped, an independent water supply is often a necessity. BWT’s comprehensive track record in desalination and advanced water treatment processes ensures quality, satisfying every specific customer need.


Maersk Peregrino is the most expensive and advanced vessel ever built by Maersk. It is a floating oil refinery supporting the surrounding oil platforms in the Atlantic. In addition to providing a desalination plant, BWT designed and installed a complete multiple-stage water treatment system to meet the specific needs of the vessel. The desalinated water is used partly as drinking water for the 100-man crew and partly as feed-water for the 2nd and 3rd stages of water treatment such as reverse osmosis and electrodeionsation. The result is ultra-pure water suitable for boilers and steam turbines. … other BWT customers in the offshore and petrol-chemical industry include Iranian Offshore, Statoil, Shell, DFDS cruise, etc.


Amagervaerket is a power plant in Denmark producing both heat and electricity for the local area. The power plant supports the electricity needs of the whole of Copenhagen and provides district heating to more than 130,000 family homes. BWT delivered an entire desalination system-based water utility producing 2,800 m3 per day. The power plant wants to be independent of the public water utility, which is expensive, while at the same time ensuring security of supply. In addition to the desalination of seawater, BWT delivered a multi-stage water treatment system for producing ultra-pure water for boilers and steam turbines.


Indian Ocean Tuna in the Seychelles is one of the most efficient and modern tuna canneries in the world. The facility supplies high-quality tuna and produces 1.5 million cans per day. BWT delivered a seawater desalination plant and post-treatment processes, resulting in a water quality that was suitable both for process applications and for filling at the cannery.



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