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Efficient seawater desalination
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Seawater desalination systems

Highly energy-efficient membrane technology


Water is our life 

Today, over 1 billion people still have no access to clean drinking water as the world’s population continues to grow and water consumption increases. The situation is growing more critical by the day. We are therefore researching, developing and creating innovative solutions for the treatment of 98.5% of the world’s existing water capacity – equivalent to 1,386 billion km³.


BWT is your experienced and reliable Partner  

BWT UK are experts in seawater desalination and have more than 30 years’ experience of engineering, producing and installing desalination systems and customised water treatment solutions for all kinds of applications. 


We aim to ensure that any projects we undertake are highly cost-effective, eco-friendly and meet customers’ needs for top quality water.


Our experienced service engineering team, who are used to carrying out installations at remote locations, can provide on-site support. 


BWT supports customers with:


  • Worldwide on-site service 
  • Specialisation in medium-sized desalination plants < 30,000 m3/day 
  • Fast delivery, meeting customers’ requirements and expectations 
  • Professional project management, start-up assistance and supervision 
  • Highly efficient, reliable systems using the latest generation of quality components 
  • Operation and maintenance agreements with spare parts service 
  • Plug & Play seawater desalination plants 



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