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Fuel cell membranes & membrane process technology

Clean energy with water:
The future belongs to the fuel cell  

This formula is immediately familiar: hydrogen and oxygen produce water and energy. The fuel cell works according to this (simplified) principle, which was discovered 200 years ago but which is now poised for a breakthrough. Hydrogen is an ideal source of energy, as it contains more than three times the energy content of all fossil fuels and other fuels like coal, gas and oil that damage the climate.

In fuel cells, hydrogen and oxygen, separated by a proton-conductive membrane impermeable to gas, bond to water, from which energy is generated as a “by product” in a process that is efficient and totally free of emissions. No intermediate stages occur as the chemical energy is converted directly into electrical energy and heat in the electrochemical process. The fuel cell is therefore a highly efficient energy converter, a form of energy generation ideally suited to the demands of the 21st century, as it emits no harmful greenhouse gases while producing simple, plain water. The technology has a host of applications and has the potential to become the most important energy system of the future.

BWT’s subsidiary FUMATECH has been established worldwide to serve the future global fuel cell market as a supplier of innovative membranes (fumion® polymers and fumapem® poly membranes), which are the central components of a membrane electrode unit at the core of the PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell.




Fuel cell membranes

BWT Fuel Cell Membranes


A fuel cell essentially operates like a battery and can be used for the stationary generation of electricity and heat in households, mobile applications in cars, buses and ships, and to power portable electronic devices

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