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Filter Housings and UV Disinfection


The NP1 and NDL2 are filter housing designed for use with cold water supplies and can be used with a wide variety of filter cartridges to remove or reduce undesirables elements within a water supply. They can each be used singularly or in a multiple configuration to provide a versatile filtration system.

Note: Where the resulting filtered water is to be used for human consumption the filters must be fitted to a safe potable water supply.

Disinfection without chemicals

Ultra Violet disinfection (commonly abbreviated to U.V) is a well-established, simple and safe technology used for the purpose of disinfecting water without the use of chemicals. UV disinfection of water effectively renders Legionella, Salmonella E-coli and most other waterborne bacteria harmless.

UV disinfection works by the UV light penetrating the cell of micro-organisms living in the water, halting their reproduction rendering them dead and therefore harmless.

Note: Water supplies should always be verified as safe to drink by a competent and qualified person.