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Domestic Technology Products

BWT are Europe's No 1 Water technology company and work closely with Installers and Plumbers across the UK  to ensure that the consumer can enjoy the very best water for their needs. The BWT range of products are readily available from a network of professional distributors that includes all of the UK's leading plumbers merchants as well as a wide range of independent and DIY retailers. Subject to continuous development and review the BWT range of products and services is now one of the most comprehensive in the market and includes:


  • Water Softeners that replace the hardness minerals found in hard water leaving it softened. The resulting BWT Luxury Water® not only enhances the lifestyle of the user but also protects the home from the harmful effects of limescale and scum.


  • Scale Inhibitors can be very effective at protecting individual appliances and large parts of the home from the damaging and energy sapping effects of limescale. Manufactured by BWT UK  and sold under the LIFF and Aquadial brand there is a model to suit most applications


  • Drinking Water Kits and Filters offer a practical and cost effective solution against many of the unwanted elements that find their way into our drinking water supply, including those that cause bad tastes and odour.


  • Ultra Violet Disinfection is a useful addition to any water distribution system where the user depends on water from a well or bore hole. Available in a variety of sizes our sales team will be happy to help you size the right one for your application.


Interested or simple want to ask a question the please call us on 01494 838100 or Click here to send us a message. At BWT we have a long history of working with Installers and plumbers in the field, and one of our team will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.