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Wrappa Electronic Water Conditioner

The Wrappa is a compact electronic scale conditioner that uses radio frequencies to alter the characteristics of the hardness minerals with the water, preventing them forming hard to remove scale deposits.

With no pipes to cut or joints to be made, the Wrappa is easy to install and maintain.


Features and Benefits


  • No need to cut the pipe or disturb any existing plumbing

  • Can be installed on a variety of different pipe sizes

  • Works on any work material including lead and plastic

  • Removes existing scale

  • Can help reduce heating bills

  • No maintenance required



Model No. LW2  
Pipe Size (mm)           up to 35

Power Consumption (W)

Fuse Rating (A) 3
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 150 x 100 x 45
Max. Flow Rate (l/s) 0.80
Model No. LW10  
Pipe Size (mm)           up to 76

Power Consumption (W)

Fuse Rating (A) 5
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 221 x 157 x 87
Max. Flow Rate (l/s) 2.50

Wrappa Electronic Water Conditioner