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Aquadial Prismertec


The Prismertec 2 water softener has been designed with both high performance and efficiency in mind. Offering high flow rates and a large storage capacity, it is the perfect water softener for busy couples and small families who have a high demand of water.

Through the use of high capacity resins, advanced bed designs and modern electronic control systems, it is able to provide softened water for multiple bathrooms, power showers and direct feed hot water systems with ease.

The Prismertec 2 features an electronically controlled proportional brining system to accurately monitor water usage and only regenerates that part of the resin bed which has been exhausted, making for an efficient and effective performance.


Features and Benefits


  • High flow rates and a large capacity for demanding households

  • Easy installation and set-up with simple touch programming

  • Finely tuned water softener bed design for high performance and for the maximum amount of softened water between regenerations

  • On board data logging to provide information such as flow rate and water usage between regenerations

  • Electronically controlled proportional brining system for greater efficiency

  • Low voltage electrics

Model PRIS2 10 Litre Water Softener
Salt per Regeneration (kg) Min / Max* 0.3 / 1.4

Flow Rate (LPM) Min / Cont / Max

10 / 35 / 50
Water used Per Regeneration (Litres) <80

Maximum Softened Water Capacity (Litres)


Working Pressure Min/Max (Bar)

1.7 / 5

Installation Kit High Flow 22mm
Electrical Supply / Transformer (AC/DC) 230 / 12
Inlet / Outlet / Drain 3.4" / 3/4" / 1/2"
Height / Depth / Width (mm) 532 / 480 / 270


* The proportion brining control system calculates the exact amount of water and salt required to regenerate the water softener. The amounts used will vary depending on the remaining capacity of the resin bead..

Aquadial Prismertec