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BWT Prismertec Eco

The Prismertec Eco water softeners bring German precision engineering to a time proven water softener design which has been built and tested in the UK for UK plumbing systems. The new Prismertec Eco water softener will fit comfortably into most kitchen environments and offers the householder a host of sophisticated and efficient features including an industry leading 10 year warranty.*

The BWT Prismertec Eco is simple to set up and operate and uses over 43% less waste water and over 30% less softener salt than other similar sized water softeners. Thanks to its advanced and precision controlled water softening process, the BWT Prismertec is considerably greener and kinder to the planet, you and your home than other similar water softeners.

Despite the superior technology used, it is complimented by the simple installation and set-up which is a key feature on all BWT softeners.


Features and Benefits


  • Proportional brining for greater efficiency in extra salt and water savings

  • Advanced electrical control system to monitor, control and adjust each regeneration cycle for increased accuracy

  • 2 way indexing head

  • One touch access to data logging provides information such as water flow rate and water usage between regenerations

  • Compact size - just 535mm in height

  • Precision brining for optimum efficiency

  • High capacity monosphere resin with regular bead size for the maximum amount of softened water between regenerations

  • 10 year warranty*

  • 43% less waste water and 30% less softener salt than comparable units**

  • Consistent quality of softened water

  • Designed for UK homes and plumbing systems



*warranty subject to service plan terms and conditions
**Comparisons calculated on published data of similar sized softeners


Model BWT Prismertec 10 Litre Tablet Salt Water Softener
Salt used per Regeneration Max (Kg)**  0.9

Flow Rate Min / Cont. / Max (litres / min)*

Nominal Flow Rate (litres / min) 30
Water used Per Regeneration (Litres)** 20
Exchange Resin Capacity (Litres 10

Maximum Softened Water Capacity (Litres)


Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 5

Minimum Working Pressure (bar)


Electrical Supply / Transformer 230 AC
Inlet / Outlet Straight Connectors 3/4" BSP
Drain Connection 8mm
Height (mm) 535
Depth (mm) excl. fittings 520
Width (mm) 270


* Flow rates are from 10 and up to a peak of 50 litres a minute. At flow rates under 10 litres per minute, the hardness may not be effectively removed from the water. If peak flow rates are sustained for longer than ten minutes, the softener capacity may be reduced, resulting in hard water break through.

** The proportional brining control system calculates the exact amount of water and salt required to regenerate the water softener. The mounts used will vary depending on the remaining capacity of the resin bed.

BWT Prismertec Eco