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Introducing the besthead FLEX

In recent years, coffee and catering professionals have seen a surge in demand for effective water filter cartridges. Optimisation of water has become integral to the development of the coffee and catering industries; experienced professionals want to ensure they have the most effective cartridge. BWT take water filtration seriously and are keen to keep evolving and offer innovative new products. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce the new besthead FLEX filter head. Now, BWT cartridge installations are quicker and easier than ever before!



New besthead FLEX for BWT Water and More filter cartridges


What is the besthead FLEX?



The new BWT besthead FLEX filter head fits all BWT Water and More filter cartridges, making it even easier to optimise water at the point of use. The user-friendly venting is extraordinarily simple to operate, and the bypass control snaps into place, ensuring the right setting at site.


With its one-of-a-kind FLEX insert interface, it is simple to integrate water filters into existing supply line systems. Multiple format FLEX insert attachments rotate through 360° steps as required. This ensures space-saving installation and safe supply line routing with no kinks.


BWT besthead FLEX features two DVGW-compliant backflow prevention devices. These stop water flowing back into the drinking water supply and facilitate tool free replacement. Both the filter head and its accessories are pressure-resistant and safe. Made from food-grade materials, they can be utilised in any drinking water system worldwide.





Evolution of the besthead FLEX


BWT consistently seek to evolve through innovative product launches and tailored-to-you services. Always looking to be better is what makes BWT stand out. Following feedback about the traditional besthead, BWT listened and gave their customers what they wanted!


The new besthead FLEX reflects an important step forward in the development of cartridge connection technology. In their feedback, BWT’s customers mentioned that a built-in flush tap would be a great addition, as it would save space on installation.


Not only did we take this advice on board but we also implemented it! As well as a sleek new design, with an integrated flush tap, the installer now chooses their preferred fittings. New besthead FLEX has over 15 different connectors: push fit or screw fit; elbow or straight and we offer unique, direct clip-in hoses! Fewer fittings and junctions reduce leak risk. These innovative options help installers achieve perfect installations, every time.



The installation of cartridges will be even easier with besthead FLEX head



The besthead FLEX - designed and developed with you in mind!



“As Senior Field Technician and Brand Champion for BWT I often install bestmax cartridges in coffee shops, restaurants and hotel kitchens. Installation sites might be in listed buildings, roadside shacks or in a busy, crowded canteen during service! Sometimes the location is just tiny. It is common to work with restricted space and that’s when bestead FLEX comes to my rescue! I can rotate the fittings, lay the cartridges down and choose either braided or push-fit hoses in almost any size. If I forget the standard connections, I can swap around and use whatever I have in the van. Of course that almost never happens to me!”Steve Ansell (Senior Field Technician and BWT Brand Champion)




The new besthead flex by BWT makes cartridge installations quicker and easier than ever before!


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