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Water - A Valuable Resource

Water is food, a means of production, an energy source, and vital in our everyday lives, whether at we are at work or at home. Water is a unique medium; with its limited availability, mankind is increasingly becoming aware of its growing value.


In the decades to come, there will be a significant change in the global water supply, with the effect being felt across many regions. According to the 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change', drought areas will further expand, heavy rainfalls increase and glaciers and snow areas decrease. These changes will increase the pressure on an already limited and valuable resource.


“We enter into an era of aggravated water shortage. The easy access to 'blue water' comes to an end in many regions of the world. Increasing water pollution, more and more exhausted rivers, overused groundwater, threatening of water consumption through salinisation and water ecosystems falling under the critical minimum indicate a turning point of the 'blue water resources”, says Prof. Malin Falkenmark from the Stockholm International Water Institute.


The lack of good quality drinking water for a great part of world’s population and an insufficient supply of industrial water for developing economies will represent one of the most serious challenges to mankind during future decades.


For many people water will soon surpass mineral oil in its importance.


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