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BWT Quick & Clean limescale protection filter system
incl. 1 filter cartridge

Product information

  • Cleaning at the press of a button – protects showers and baths from limescale deposits
  • Economises on expensive cleaning agents - cleans without the need for wiping
  • Free from harmful chemicals
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Calcium and soap residues are visible in showers, baths and shower walls as unsightly deposits. BWT’s Quick & Clean limescale protection filter system eliminates the need for scrubbing and removing deposits from shower enclosures, fittings and tiles – the need for laborious cleaning is avoided in an instant with a single turn of a handle and with no chemical cleaning agents! The water hardness – the proportion of calcium in the water – determines how often or infrequently cleaning is required.

When it comes to the benefits, both for you and for the environment, the results speak for themselves:

  • No limescale deposits
  • No soap residues
  • No wiping required


BWT Quick & Clean limescale protection filtration is compatible with most shower systems. It works best, for example, with the following GROHE and HANSA fittings and shower systems.

BWT recommends a combination of its Quick & Clean limescale protection system with the following GROHE und HANSA models:

Connection thread (standard = ½“): 
A small number of manufacturers’ fittings do not have standardised threads. You will see from this and other data that you can only use the hoses from these manufacturers. In this case, you can use commercially available fittings and seals, and we have produced a summary for further guidance. (see download: Connector list)

Connection thread 1/2"
Working pressure range 2-8 bar
Inflow water pressure, min. 2 bar
Water temperature, max. 50 °C
Ambient temperature, min./max. 4-40 °C
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