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BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water adds Gourmet quality taste.

BWT Magnesium Mineralised Water Filters are an innovative new patented technology that provides better drinking water. Unlike other brands, which permanently remove the vital mineral magnesium from filtered water, BWT’s special Mg2+ ion exchange filters add the magnesium back in.



The mineral magnesium is a flavour-carrier. 


bwt magnesium mineralized water filters gourmet quality tasting healthy foodThe BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Filters release magnesium ions into the water that replace the calcium that contributes to the total water hardness. The magnesium-enriched drinking water brings out the full aroma and, with its gourmet taste, is also totally satisfying when drunk on its own. The magnesium gives it a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour.

Conventional water filters reduce carbonate hardness for prevention of lime scale deposits, remove concentrations of heavy metals, e.g. lead and copper, (if contained in the water) and eliminate taste-distorting elements, e.g. chlorine, from the tap water. An ion exchanger takes on the main function by absorbing nearly all of the previously mentioned substances, except chlorine, primarily in exchange with hydrogen ions. The result, with conventional filters, is a sour taste due to the low pH-value of the water, which is in particular noticed at the beginning of the utilisation phase. BWT takes an entirely different approach and thanks to the innovative magnesium-technology offers a significant advantage.


Why are BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Filters perfect for food enthusiasts?

Because Magnesium is a flavour carrier! bwt magnesium mineralized water filters gourmet quality tasting food

Only the inclusion of magnesium (a valuable, flavour-enhancing mineral) allows for the full development of even the most subtle flavours. BWT has developed a unique water filter which continuously enriches the filtered water with magnesium - for more flavour in next to no time. You will be surprised how quick and easy it is to mix creative and tasty drinks with BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water, the gourmet water choice.

BWT turns tap water into a unique taste experience. With the patented BWT Magnesium Mineralized water filters, magnesium is constantly being added to the drinking water during filtration. Adding magnesium maintains the water’s mineral balance. The result is a close to neutral pH level, which is perceived as particularly delicious and soft by connoisseurs of high-quality mineral water. 


The human body needs around 300 mg of magnesium every day and considerably more during physical activity. The body must receive the valuable mineral through foods and liquids. It is of crucial importance for the cardiovascular system, mental performance, and muscles. Magnesium also supports immune defence and influences our nervous system, contributing to less stress and better quality of sleep. The BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water supports your magnesium intake in a simple and effective manner, allowing you to automatically take in 20 % of your daily magnesium requirement.

Magnesium Mineralized Water perfect taste 


Magnesium for perfect taste


Experience the taste of water. 


Smoothies are tasty, fresh, healthy, and quick to prepare. In short, they are an ideal, healthy, and practical meal for modern people, who believe a balanced diet is important. For those who want to start the day with a fruity power drink, there is nothing better than reaching for fresh fruit or vegetables and a blender or smoothie maker, as well as the Magnesium Mineralised Water filters. When it comes to mixing drinks, there are no limits for the creative smoothie fan: fruit, vegetables, herbs, even petals. Magnesium Mineraliser water filters by BWT technology is the perfect flavour carrier for a small power-snack.


Magnesium Mineralized Water perfect for tasting tea

As tea and coffee lovers know, water makes the difference. By adding magnesium with the Magnesium Mineralised Water filters, normal tap water becomes a real flavour enhancer for delicious coffee beans and soft tea leaves.


Energizing drinks combine high-quality fruit syrup with tea as the basis for a tasty, refreshing alternative using the Magnesium Mineralized Water filters makes tap water softer and brings out its flavours. 




Choose how you want your Magnesium Mineralised Water!


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Intense, aromatic & healthy. Become a water gourmet with Best Water Technology Magnesium Mineralised Water filters.