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Easy caffé latte vanilla coffee recipe

 recipe preparation caffé latte vanilla coffee


  • 25 or 50 ml freshly prepared espresso (using medium roast beans from Central or South America)
  • 200 ml milk
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • * Quantity varies, depending on the size of the espresso pot.


Place the milk with vanilla pod in a screw-top jar the day before and leave to infuse overnight. Let the water filter through the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer. Use an espresso machine with temperature control, because different aromas can be extracted from the coffee with +/- 2°C differences. A temperature of 88-92°C is perfect in most cases. An espresso pot or a fully automatic coffee machine can also be used to prepare the espresso. Do not use too fine a grinding level; otherwise, too many bitters are released. It is better to put more coffee into the sieve than to grind it too finely. The perfect through-flow time for a 25ml espresso (or 50 ml doppio) is 25-30 seconds. Either heat the fully steeped vanilla milk, froth it using a milk-frothing device, or pour it cold into a latte macchiato glass. Slowly pour the espresso in down the side.

and enjoy!