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Easy Filter Coffee recipe

 recipe preparation Easy Filter Coffee


  • 250ml hot (approx. 95°C) magnesium mineralized water 
  • 15g freshly ground high quality coffee 


Let the water filter through the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer and then boil it. Carefully rinse the paper filter in the filter holder with hot water to neutralise the paper taste. Pour this water away once it has filtered through. Add the freshly ground coffee into the filter. Pour a small amount – approx. 30 ml – of hot water over the coffee and allow soaking. Pour the remaining 220 ml of hot water slowly over the coffee in a spiral motion. Wait until the water has filtered fully through the filter; the time from the first contact between water and coffee to the last drop filtered should be approximately 3 minutes. Done! Serve and enjoy.

Ordinary Coffee for extraordinary people! Enjoy it!