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Easy Mocha Shock recipe coffee recipe

 recipe preparation Mocha Shock coffee


  • 25 or 50 ml freshly prepared espresso (using medium-roast beans from Central or South America)
  • 100g cooking chocolate

  • * Quantity varies, depending on the size of the espresso pot.


Let the water filter through the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer. Use an espresso machine with temperature control, because different aromas can be extracted from the coffee with +/- 2°C differences. A temperature of 88-92°C is perfect in most cases. The through-flow time for a 25 ml espresso (or 50 ml doppio) is 25-30 seconds. Melt the cooking chocolate and pour the melted chocolate into the espresso cup. Rotate the cup to spread the chocolate all around. Leave to set. Pour the espresso shot into the cup and decorate with chocolate shavings

Chocolate + Coffee is the perfect combination! Coffee Heaven!